This site was created to help share the sheer joy that is Elite:Dangerous, a space exploration and combat game set in a cutthroat Galaxy in the year 3303.

Observations have shown that beyond the official forums and some Twitter and Facebook communities, there was no central place to post and share screenshots from inside the game, with easy search features.

This is very much a work in progress and we’ll open the site to everyone very soon so stay tuned!

Currently, Elitestagram is privately funded by Julien Coquet aka Cmdr Singlemalt.
Julien is fronting the costs and efforts for the elitestagram.com domain name, website hosting, management, maintenance, community management. While the required amount of money is not astronomical, this is meant to be financed by on-site ads. Your donations will make the site economically viable and and extra funds can be allocated to site improvements and (why not?) games and contests with prizes!
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