Green. Green Everywhere.

Green Corvette

A Corvette. A Green Corvette at that. For the first time flying into the void with a purple vapour trail. More power. Much more power. Looking for ventures near and far, with a trusty sidekick crew member … and weapons. Lots of weapons. Ship launched fighters primed to go.  Oh the Corvette, how I have missed thee.

We’ll find the cause of all of that green mist. Those crippled ships.  Friend or foe?  Foe we now know. We are ready.  Ready to protect. Ready to serve. Ready to retaliate. Ready … to die …

Flying into the void with a purple vapour trail.

[Somewhat of a test post in response to a plea for Corvettes to be published on this platform, though CMDR Millstonebarn hopes to share more content in the future. Good luck CMDR CmdrSinglemalt on this new venture.]

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CMDR Millstonebarn gets about a bit. From Slough to Hutton Orbital for the mug. From Dalgarno to Dunker's Rest for biscuits. Always happy to help CMDRs new and old on our travels across the galaxy.

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